Program Overview

Imani Family Center (IFC), established in May 2001 in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a faith-based grassroots organization dedicated to implementing sustainable programs that foster success for students and families through a foundation of faith.

Guided by experienced and committed leadership, Imani Family Center tailors its programs to meet the unique needs of the communities it serves. One such initiative is the Nita M. Student Participation Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) grant, designed to address students' needs and enhance their academic and overall success through enriching programs held outside regular school hours.

Imani Family Center specializes in after-school programming, offering a diverse range of activities, including academic and arts enrichment, fitness, nutrition education, and social-emotional development. These services are tailored for elementary school children attending Rothenberg Preparatory Academy and Woodford Paideia Elementary Schools.

If your school is interested in collaborating with us to establish an Imani after-school or summer program, please reach out to us at (513) 621-3836 or

Empowering Potential: A Holistic Approach Towards Education

About our After School Programs

The Imani Family Center provides after-school programs at Rothenberg Preparatory Academy and Woodford Paideia Elementary Schools, offering academic, arts, fitness, nutrition education, and social-emotional activities for elementary students.

The Imani After School Program operates annually from September to June. The program had a dedicated and well-qualified team, including a Site Coordinator, Professional Development and Licensing Support Specialist, Front Desk Receptionist, Group Leaders, Group Assistants, Floaters, academic specialists, and teacher tutors.

Imani's 19 dedicated after-school partners provided contributions such as funding, tutoring, product supplies, and transportation at little to no cost to the program

Our commitment to empowering students facing academic challenges drives our multifaceted approach:


Personalized Learning: We target students struggling in Ohio standardized tests and those in need as identified by school administrators and teachers.

Customized Instruction: Our certified teachers and assistants lead personalized one-on-one tutoring, small groups, and computer-assisted learning, enriched by dedicated volunteers and partners.

Proven Strategies: We utilize research-backed programs for effective skill development and learning outcomes.

Daily Enrichment: Our engaging activities align with curricula, offering academic support, tutoring, and captivating enrichment. We enhance learning through free transportation, field trips, and parent events.

Diverse Opportunities: Beyond academics, our offerings span arts, and crafts, foreign languages, dance, music, mentorships, science clubs, and more.

Holistic Growth: Social skills, group activities, and nourishing meals are fostered in collaboration with the Children's Hunger Alliance.

Engaging Families: Parents actively participate through volunteering, chaperoning, and family literacy nights.

Expanding Horizons: Schools interested in partnering for an Imani after-school or summer program can contact us at (513) 621-3836 or

21st Century

Community Learning Centers

We operate after-school programs in collaboration with the 21st Century Community Learning Centers and the Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA) model at the following locations:

Rothenberg Preparatory Academy

Woodford Paideia Elementary School

Youth Services

Empowering Youth

Our after-school, tutoring, and mentoring programs empower students to enhance their grades, boost confidence, nurture self-esteem, and cultivate positive relationships. We've successfully implemented after-school programs at various elementary schools, including Taft Elementary and Frederick Douglass Elementary. The research underscores the positive impact of:

​*Providing extra learning time for students

*Maintaining a low teacher-to-student ratio

*Offering hands-on learning experiences